Last night I had the pleasure of meeting with one of the world’s leading reflexologists, who also happens to “read” feet. Her name is Jane Sheehan, she is a joyful spirit who loves to laugh and loves taking care of people’s feet and soul (oh what a pun – soul/sole! :-). She lives in the U.K. (London) and is visiting San Diego to spread the word about the power of footreading to the United States.

Did you know that your feet reflect your personality and emotions? Foot reading is used by Reflexologists to understand their clients from a more holistic perspective and is used as a therapy to help people identify the issues in their life and to help them move forwards. It’s a great tool for personal developmentJust try asking anybody “how do you feel about your feet” and you will get a variety of interesting answers.

No one, it seems, feels neutral about their feet and for good reason – they reflect how we are feelingIt was an amazing experience AND to have her show up in my life unexpectedly just a week before my bunion surgery and the day before my pre-op meeting with my podiatrist/surgeon. Jane had some very important information about what bunions mean emotionally. Very powerful!

I’ll be sharing more about Jane, her healing work, and her thoughts on bunions in the coming days. I’m scheduled for a reflexology session and reading this Friday night. Stay tuned and in the meantime, visit her website, order her book Let’s Read Our Feet, and find out more about yourself through your feet.