“People seem to think it’s normal to have foot pain, but it’s not,” says Mark B. Friedman, a podiatrist in Albany, N.Y. “No pain is normal. It’s a problem if there’s pain.”

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How long have you walked in pain? I had no idea that podiatrists are usually the first to diagnose other physical problems, especially diabetes. Thank goodness I don’t have that but I have had foot pain since my teens – a combination of genetics (my paternal grandmother and mother) and wearing high heels with pointed toes.

I’ve become accustomed to foot pain (on my big toe and the ball of my foot) that I didn’t think to do anything about it until six months ago.started feeling sharp pains in the ball of my foot during my NIA movement class (what a great form of play and exercise for the feet – definitely give it a try!).

NIA is done barefoot to connect you to your body with more awareness. I was definitely more aware! It got to the point where I had to start wearing tennis shoes for padding because it felt like a dull scissors was trying cut through a thick callous that’s formed under the ball of my 2nd and 3rd toe joints.

But what really pushed me over the edge to action was when I realized noticed not only the pain but also that my 2nd toe was traveling west and climbing on to “The Great Toe” as my podiatrist calls it. I remember my Grandmother’s twisted feet (not as in weird, well, yes they were weird looking too, but as in pretzel forming) and I was certainly headed down that path without intervention. The podiatrist said it will only keep getting worse without surgery. Yikes. I LOVE TO WALK and I will do whatever it takes to keep my feet healthy so I can keep walking the rest of my life. I promise. How about you?

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