Back walking at the beach! Yay! And what a different view from the top. No golf ball hidden in the right “Great Toe Joint.” For comparison, revisit the before bunion surgery photo from July 18, 2006.

Foot after Bunion Surgery & RecoveryBunion Surgery Recovery Update: Well, I wasn’t prepared to find out that my foot is more swollen than most at six weeks following surgery and that it could be several things: 1) the screw holding the bones together is irritating the skin, 2) my circulation is poor, 3) I’m doing too much activity, 4) it’s my body’s healing process.

I also wasn’t prepared to learn that I may have to have more surgery to straighten the 2nd toe that he shortened, which is now still laying a 1/4 inch above the rest due to the scar adhesions pulling it up. As well, the 3rd toe bone is now (and probably always was) digging into the pad on the bottom of my foot and may need the same surgery as the 2nd toe to correct it.

And, the pain I’m feeling on the side of my foot at the Taylor’s bunion spot (just below the little toe) may or may not go away and will also potentially require surgery if the pain persists after the swelling of the big toe goes down.

Suggested action: watch it all for another six weeks and then come back and we’ll see where things are. In the meantime, don’t walk when it hurts, be fitted for orthotics in my exercise shoes and don’t go barefoot – which is the major reason I came in for the surgery in the first place! Grrr!

What I’ve learned:

  • I did ask for a prescription for physical therapy to make sure I’m walking properly as I heal and did get that after asking for it three times.
  • I did ask for orthotics, and was fitted. They’ll be ready in three weeks, when I’ll return for a final fitting.
  • I acknowledged to my surgeon how much I appreciated his attention on this visit to my foot and what was going on and what my options are, because it helped me feel confident in his care and that helped my healing.
  • I will get a 2nd opinion on this.

What I’m grateful for:

It’s hard to feel grateful right now given my expectation that I’d have the surgery and that would be the end of all pain. I know it’s really important to get into a grateful state of mind for easier healing, less stress, and good relationship building.

So I will remind myself that I have options, I’m not in a wheelchair, I’m healthy, and I can still walk in the canyons and along the ocean and smile.

And I can write and share this with you so that you know to take great care of your feet and don’t wait like I did until the pain gets so bad that you have no other options. Take care of yourself NOW.

Mary/Smiling Walker

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