I’m sitting in the waiting room at my car service center (Acura Kearny Mesa in San Diego – they’re great! They even provide free wireless service!) waiting for the news about whether my right rear brake needs to be repaired (interesting – I wonder if there’s any metaphor here – my right foot is my bunion surgery foot that needs to be repaired again.

The latest issue of Vogue was calling to me from the coffee table so I picked it up and lo and behold, I opened to a page (p. 420) for a $15 discount on Yoga Toes if you use the coupon code VOG at www.yogapro.com or call 1-800-488-8414. This is great news for you! If you haven’t tried this product, you will LOVE it!

You may remember me telling you in a previous post or two how much I LOVE these toe muscle stretchers. I use them at the end of the day, I use them when I meditate, and I take them with me when I travel. They’ve really helped manage the post-surgery pain on my right foot and relieve aching on my left foot after a full day of standing and walking.

Love your feet; they’ll take you anywhere you want.

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I just ordered my first pair of Yoga Toes (size Medium). The testimonials are so compelling I couldn’t resist. If you have used YogaToes, post a comment below and let me know how they worked for your bunions. As soon as my YogaToes arrive, I’ll let you know the results.

Here’s what the website has to say:

YogaToes® Revolutionize Foot Care

What your podiatrist won’t tell you about foot care is that it’s easy – routine exercise keeps your feet in shape, just like the rest of your body.Now there is a product to do the work for you – YogaToes. They work while you kick your feet up and relax. YogaToes will stretch, strengthen, and align foot muscles. This action increases circulation, straightens bent toes, and can even realign the bones. YogaToes are truly revolutionary.

YogaToes help relieve foot pain and improve strength, flexibility and appearance. Don’t wait until small problems become debilitating. Don’t waste hours and money at the doctor’s office. YogaToes tackle the problems at their source, keeping your feet healthy with exercise.

We’ll see.

[Postnote: They arrived. I love them!]