As with any surgery, bunionectomy has its risks. Up to 10% of people undergoing bunion surgery have complications, including infection, nerve damage, persistent pain, or recurrence of the bunion.

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This is interesting – 10% of people have complications or a recurrence of bunions from bunion surgery. Not enough to scare me off but the idea of having the surgery and then having a bunion recur after all the effort to remove it makes me wonder if I’m better off to try more options before going under the knife.

The only other real pressures in having the surgery now besides what I’m feeling on the bottom of my foot on cement or other hard surfaces when I walk barefoot are wanting to maximize my insurance deductible of $1500 a year, which has already been started (the surgery is estimated to cost $3000+) and wanting to do this during the slow time of my business, since my work requires me to be on my feet speaking and flying around the country. Are those good enough reasons to continue with the bunion surgery plan when it’s possible that I might be able to stave off surgery permanently by trying other methods?

What do you think? What would you do? What kinds of questions and pressures do you have in keeping your feet healthy and yourself happy?