Are aching feet keeping you from logging the miles you want? Seventy percent of women have a bunion, hammertoe, or other foot problem that can become uncomfortable enough to hobble any fitness walker. <more>

This is a great article with three foot exercises you’ll definitely want to try. While my right foot is healing, I can do these on my left foot. Who knows, maybe it will prevent bunion surgery on my left foot.

The author of the article, Maggie Spilner is a great resource and inspiration for walking and foot care. I had the pleasure of meeting her when we were both speaking on a cruiseship (and went through a hurricane together).
One thing I’ve learned from this bunion surgery is the importance of exercising your feet and caring for them in the same way you do your face, hands, or any other part of your body. What’s amazing to me now, after learning so much about bunions and foot care is how little attention most people pay to their feet and all the beautiful gifts our feet give us in the way of living a full life.

I realize now that if I’d gotten myself to a podiatrist years ago when my feet started aching, maybe I could have prevented surgery. Don’t make the same mistakes I have; if your feet hurt, get them checked out and do these basic exercises in this article every day and save your feet.

Learn more about bunion exercises in my ebook, Bunion Survivor’s Guide to Bunion Surgery and Bunion Surgery Recovery.

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