Do You Worry That
You’ll Never Get Rid of Bunion Pain?

Are You Afraid of Having Bunion Surgery?

Is Bunion Surgery Recovery a Concern for You?

You can stop worrying right now. If you’re a bunion sufferer and wondering about bunion surgery, or if you’re getting ready to schedule bunion surgery, or if you’d had surgery and want to ensure a successful recovery, keep reading.

Everything you need to know and forgot to ask or are afraid to ask about bunion surgery and recovery is now available in my new ebook “Bunion Survivor’s Guide to Successful Bunion Surgery and Recovery”.

This ebook is 160 pages of valuable tips and “how-to” support,  reliable resources, and solid research I’ve done on the Internet and in person with bunion experts on bunion surgery and recovery, interviews with other bunion surgery survivors, plus my personal experiences and what I’ve learned following my own bunion surgery.

Welcome to BunionSurvivor.com.

My name is Mary Marcdante. I have bunions and I’m a bunion surgery survivor. I never expected to be saying that in public. But then, I never thought about how my feet were suffering until I couldn’t dance or walk barefoot anymore because of the pain.

I don’t want you to have to suffer like I did, so I’ve created BunionSurvivor.com to make sure you’re better informed than I was and you have reliable information and a variety of opinions to make the best choices about how to treat your bunions.

The first time I ever saw a podiatrist he told me that I had let the problem go too long and bunion surgery was really the only way to relieve the pain and bone damage. So did the second podiatrist. Ouch! Don’t let that happen to you! See a podiatrist before it’s too late.

I’m in my 60’s and a self-employed solo entrepreneur and women’s health advocate, author and speaker who has presented at conferences for a living (standing and traveling are key aspects of my work) for the past 30 years. I am self-supporting, and pay for my own health insurance.

You can imagine my questions when I realized the bunion surgeon I met with really did mean 30-60 days off my feet for my line of work: Where will I ever find the time?! How will I run my business? What kind of anesthesia will they use? How painful will it really be? Should I do both feet at the same time? What if the surgery doesn’t work? What if the recovery takes longer than expected? Who will take care of me? Will my insurance cover the medical expenses after my deductible? Who can I talk to who has already done this? (Most people don’t want to talk about their bunions publicly. Embarrassment and shame have stopped many people from getting the help they need. Maybe you can relate?)

I’ve learned a lot since having bunion surgery on my right foot, including how to make the entire experience of bunion relief and bunion surgery easier and less painful physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

And I’m learning more every day about ways to fully recover from bunion surgery and prevent my left foot’s bunion from getting worse. I want to share that information with you and I want to know how I can be of more help to you. Life is so precious and so are our feet.

While I’m not a doctor or lawyer, I am an informed women’s health (and now bunion relief 🙂 advocate and researcher and always recommend you always get professional medical advice before making any decisions as well as talking with others who have been there before you.

The Bunion Survivor Blog for you. I really do want to help you.

Just think…No more surfing for hours and not finding what you’re looking for. All the key information and resources you need are in one place, at your convenience that you can read online or offline, on your computer or print out, in an easy to download and read “pdf” format.

Since I’m approaching this as a bunion survivor, not a surgeon, just to be clear, what I don’t cover are the technical aspects of bunion surgery surgical procedures or medical treatment information unique to every individual that needs to come from your surgeon, but you will learn from what I and others have experienced, what questions to ask to make sure you receive and understand the information from your surgeon about surgery and recovery and that you are successfully prepared.

Here Are Just a Few Examples of the Vital Information You’ll Receive:

Chapter 1:   Research, Myths and Facts about Bunions and Famous Bunion Survivors (p. 15-30)

Chapter 2:   What to Ask Before You Have Bunion Surgery (p. 30-46)

Chapter 3:   How to Decide on the Right Bunion Surgeon for You (p. 47-62)

Chapter 4:   How to Manage the Fear of Bunion Surgery (p. 63-74)

Chapter 5:   Make Your Bunion Surgery and Recovery Easy – Checklist of Things to Do Ahead of Time and After to Keep You Stress-Free, Relaxed, and Comfortable (p. 75-80) This checklist  alone is worth the price of your first doctor’s office visit!

Chapter 6:   What to Expect with Bunion Surgery (p. 81-88)

Chapter 7:   Bunion Surgery Recovery 3 Days to 4 Weeks After (p. 89-106)

Chapter 8:   Bunion Surgery Recovery  30 Days – 6 Months (p. 107-116)

Chapter 9:   Successful Long Term Recovery – 6-48 Months Post Bunion Surgery (p. 117-122)

Chapter 10: Toe and Foot Exercises (p. 123-132)

Chapter 11: Shoes – Brands and Styles for Bunion Relief (p. 133-144)

Chapter 12: Bunion Treatment & Recovery Resources (p. 145-158)

Plus, You’ll Receive These 3 Important BONUS Reports:

  • “Top 5 Actions to Take Before You Even Think About Bunion Surgery”
  • “10  Powerful Tips for a Successful First Meeting with Your Bunion Doctor”
  • “25 Critical Questions to Ask Your Bunion Surgeon Before You Schedule Bunion Surgery”

30-Day No Risk Guarantee

I am so sure that by reading The Bunion Survivor’s Guide to Successful Bunion Surgery that you will find more peace of mind in your decision about whether or not to have bunion surgery and know the questions to ask your potential bunion surgeon to get the information you need that I am offering a full money-back guarantee. Just let me know by email within 30 days and I’ll refund the full purchase price.

This Ebook is 100% Downloadable Just Minutes From Now

You can be reading and benefiting today from this valuable information just like these people:

“I have found the ebook very helpful. I actually had bunion surgery about 12 years ago and it was a nightmare…I was looking to gather as much information as I could about having them both done at the same time, which scares me silly.” Marisa H.

“Thanks for your ebook. It has helped me with my decision. I am hoping for a quick recovery time. It looks like its too late to back out now. I will keep reading your blog for more inspiration. Thanks again.” Ken

“I was so happy to find your ebook! Thanks! Just some background, I am 35 years old, mom of an 8 year old and 6 year old…I feel like a walking poster child for taking care of your feet! You never know how important your feet are until there is a problem!” Kristin B.

“I accidentally came across your web site and I am so glad I did. My surgery is coming up in one week. I’m very scared and nervous but it’s long overdue.” Taylor C.

“Hi Mary. The ebook has been most helpful. Thank you. My surgery is July 14th – left foot. I feel more assured that I am doing the right thing and welcome the relief that (hopefully) surgery will give me. Take care.”
Yvonne C.

As you can see from people’s comments, by investing in yourself and this ebook, you’ll be better informed to make a good decision about whether or not bunion surgery is for you. If you do decide to have bunion surgery, you’ll know what to expect, you’ll eliminate worry and anxiety, and how to make sure your recovery is a success. And to make it easy on your budget, you’ll receive this life-changing information for less than the cost of your insurance co-pay.

Here’s to healthy feet!

Mary Marcdante
Author, Speaker, Coach & Consultant
Less Stress. More Life.

Be good to yourself and your feet…

Bunion Survivor’s Guide to
Successful Bunion Surgery & Recovery eBook

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P.S. – Be prepared ahead of time and eliminate the stress and fear of what you might forget to ask or do when you meet with a bunion surgeon. When you get my guide today, you’ll learn practical ways to feel more confident, find a great bunion surgeon, and be back walking on healthy feet as soon as possible. All you have to do is click the link below to start improving your life and your foot health today.

Reg $27    $9.95 

This site does not offer personal medical advice and is solely informational in nature.

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