YogaToes are one of my favorite gifts to give anyone with bunions. In fact, I love them so much, I’m wearing mine right now as I write and have used them for seven years. YogaToes truly are a “vacation for the feet.” Click on the link below and get $10 off on each pair ordered.  They come in many wonderful colors and a “Sport” version so have fun choosing a pair for all your loved ones.

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PS. When you get to the website, be sure to read the Yoga Toes testimonials from the LA Dodger’s trainer Sue Falsone, The Washington Ballet, and the singer Sia. Very cool. They really do work!

Buy Patented YogaToes® Today! Save $10 with Coupon Code: TOES10

Oprah Winfrey goes shopping in fluffy frog slippers (photo courtesy of it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for Bunion Survivors! When I saw these photos of Oprah wearing these “fluffy frog slippers,” had made it to the Daily Mail, I knew I had to share this article with you to remind you to honor your bunioned feet and when they hurt, try slippers that make you smile.

She may be worth billions of dollars but even Oprah Winfrey opts for comfort over style occasionally.

The 58-year-old hit a designer clothes store in New York City today sporting a pair of fluffy frog slippers.

Below are a pair of fluffy froggy slippers similar to the ones that Oprah is wearing shopping.  The holidays are coming. Treat yourself to a pair and give them as a gift to a friend who you want to smile when she thinks of you.

If you’re getting ready to have bunion surgery or are in recovery, these slippers will be comfortable and fun to wear once you’re out of your protective boot.

If you have a pair of beloved slippers, email me a photo of you wearing them and I’ll post. In the meantime, I’m going to get myself a new pair of slippers!


Reported in The Daily Mail: “Keep your feet fit for a princess, Kate: A podiatrist’s warning to the Duchess of Cambridge that her Royal lifestyle is taking its toll on her toes.”

While I don’t wish Kate Middleton the pain of bunions, there is something comforting in knowing that our celebrity Princess is human, in addition to the fact that she allowed herself to be photographed barefooted. Next thing you know, they could be photographing a printed copy of my ebook, “Bunion Survivor’s Guide to Successful Bunion Surgery and Recovery  on Kate’s bedside table.

May your feet be healthy, your heart happy, and your shoes comfortable.

Ouch. Even celebrities get bunions. And it’s not pretty. The UK’s Daily Mail has identified several famous women who suffer with bunions. Tilda Swinton, Gwenneth Paltrow, and Victoria Beckham all have bunions, along with Oprah, and Nigella Lawson. Be good to your feet this summer. Read more…

The Oscar-winning actress may be wearing flat shoes, but they showcase a medial exostosis - an overgrowth of bone which comes with a deformity

I just got next week’s issue of U.S. News and World Report. There’s a great article on “50 Ways to Improve Your Life.” I couldn’t help but notice #3: Lose the shoes.

Everywhere I go now that I’ve come out of the shoe closet about my bunion and hammertoe surgery, I meet women who share their bunion stories, and are still wearing shoes “to die for.”

Cameron Diaz was on “Ellen” and came out wearing heels that were were as tall as the ten story buildings she jumped over in Charlie’s Angels. Six-inch heels! It doesn’t look like Cameron has bunions, and I’m not sure if Ellen does, but I can tell you that no matter how cute those shoes were, there is no way anyone who has had bunion surgery (at least my kind of bunion surgery) would ever get near those shoes for more than a minute.

Ellen asked to try the shoes on, shuffled precariously a few inches and said, “Um, tell me why you want to wear these again?” Cameron laughed and said, “Because they’re fun.” “Yeah, right,” Ellen said, “Fun for who?”

Oprah shared one of her most painful secrets (I posted on this November 1, 2006) — she wears her beautifully stylish high heeled shoes only on the set because they hurt so much. She takes the elevator down to the studio in bare feet, put on the shoes just before she walks out, and then takes them off again immediately after.

I’ve “been there, done that,” but now after B.S. (bunion surgery), my body actually begins to shudder, my teeth clench, and my eyes wince when I even think about wearing anything other than my athletic shoes. I accidentally left my dress shoes at a Christmas party last Saturday night. Fifteen minutes into the party I switched from the Donald Pliner stretchy-fabric, low-heeled pumps, which are as comfortable as they come, at least pre-surgery, into my sturdy leather J. Crew sandals I brought along “just in case.”

Ahhhhh. How do you spell relief? “Lose the shoes.”

“The good news” Dr. Robin Ross, a podiatrist in NY is quoted as saying, “is that the pointy shoe is heading more toward the rounded toe box.”For a list of bunion shoe brands and styles, check out:

Bunion Survivor’s Ebook Guide to
Successful Bunion Surgery & Recovery

As reported on For 21 years, Oprah has been keeping a painful secret. Until now, few have known this very private truth…her feet hurt! After years of complaining—and a trip to the emergency room—Oprah’s staff finally said “enough!”  They searched high and low to find the ever elusive comfortable—and cute—high heel shoe.

Do you wear Cole Haan shoes? I wonder if they make them in a size 12? I’ll find out. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts. Have you tried these “air bag” shoes?

“Today is a new day!” Oprah says. After years of living in pain, Oprah has finally found a comfortable shoe. “I have to tell you, no exaggeration. I complain about it every day,” Oprah says. “I did not think that there could be a high heeled shoe or a high heeled boot created that wouldn’t cause you pain!”

The man behind the comfy heel is Gordon Thompson. Trained as an architect, Gordon spent a decade developing high powered state of the art footwear for Nike before becoming the creative director of Cole Haan shoes. “In the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘Here’s a really sort of interesting idea of taking two worlds that traditionally don’t go together and ramming them together,'” Gordon says.

By engineering an “air bag” that goes in the fore part and heel of the shoe, Gordon was able to provide a cushion for the feet. And they’re cute too! No Aunt Esther shoes here. “This is life changing,” Oprah says. “It’s not a cure for cancer, but it is a cure for your feet!”

Do you wear Cole Haan shoes? I wonder if they make them in a size 12? I’ll find out. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts. Have you tried these “air bag” shoes?

“Posh Spice has one, a whopper that sticks out of her golden lace thong sandals like a raw pink golf ball. And I have two. One on each foot. Hobbling hordes ‘Bunion? Isn’t that what women get for wearing the wrong shoes?’ a friend asked. True. About 50% of American women get bunions, a statistic that didn’t make me feel any better. I owe mine to my mother. Yes, they are hereditary and no, I have never worn stilettos.’Bunion?’ I asked the doctor. ‘Is there no fancier word? Something in Latin perhaps. Something complicated, more interesting?”Well, bunion is the ancient Greek word for turnip. Does that help?’ the doctor with the orange clogs asked. (*)No, it didn’t.”

BBC NEWS | Americas | Washington diary: Body shock

Even celebrities aren’t immune to the Turnip Disease. And the author of this article (who has a very funny twist on aging) thinks we need to find a different word for bunion too. I sure do. I’ve decided to get back into the world of dating after my surgery (my sister asked, “Would you want to have a first date with a man who was having bunion surgery?” Enough said. Bunions definitely take me back to my paternal grandmother who lived in these really ugly black tie shoes that had a bulge, now that I think of it, the size of “turnip” at her big toe joint. Bunion or turnip, I’m grateful for the new technology and the new right foot I’ll have next week.

What about you? How do you feel about the word “bunion”? What images or memories does it evoke for you? Post your comments below.