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Are You Considering Bunion Surgery?
Are You Worried About Bunion Surgery Pain and Recovery?

Bunion pain can be debilitating and bunion surgery can be a scary decision most people would rather put off. I know. I've been there and I've learned that IF you know what to expect ahead of time and what questions to ask your doctor, you will lessen your fear, make better decisions, and increase your success with bunion surgery and bunion surgery recovery.

No matter how good your podiatrist or bunion surgeon is, the truth is, no one knows exactly what's right for you except you and that's what can make your decision so scary. What if the surgery doesn't really fix the problem, and like others you read about or hear about, you end up worse off than before?

It's not always clear what to do, but with the right information, questions, and support, it can be an easier decision for you.

What you're about to read could change your life like it did mine.

Learn From My Mistakes and Experience

I knew I had bunions, but until they hurt, I had no idea what a mistake I'd made in waiting so long to see a podiatrist and not getting a second and third opinion before surgery. Don't make that same mistake! Bunions are one of the most painful problems you can have with your feet and can create all sorts of complications including hammertoes, neuromas, pinched toe nerves, major difficulty walking, running, or even doing simple bending and lifting, as well as knee and back pain if not properly treated.

Bunion Surgery Splint Following Bunion SurgeryI'm guessing you've probably tried all the things I have to eliminate bunion pain (toe spacers, night splints, orthotics, wide-toed shoes, foot pillows, cortisone shots and more than a few odd-ball remedies - did you run across the one that says to punch your bunions until the bone goes soft?!) and are either trying to avoid bunion surgery. Or maybe you've had one bunion removed like me and are looking for better information the second time around with your other foot's bunion. I empathize with you. I've been there too and want to help you have the best experience possible in a difficult situation.

You're smart to be searching for answers. All the ignoring and wishing and accepting that "this is the way it is and I just have to live with it," is not going to make your bunions go away or relieve your pain.
You have to take action, and it must be strategic and practical action so that you get successful results.
But you don't have to do it alone. Let me help you benefit from what I've learned.

While I was deciding what to do about surgery, I researched everything I could online. I found a lot of junk, hype, and inaccurate information. I interviewed many people who had good and bad bunion surgery experiences. I scheduled and completed bunion surgery with one of the best bunion surgeons in the country and I still ended up with complications. During my recovery I reflected on what worked and what didn't work before, during, and after bunion surgery. I got 2nd and 3rd opinions from orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists for the bunion on my other foot. I kept a blog and extensive research notes. People suffering from bunions started emailing me asking a lot of questions including a request for an easy-to-read ebook from everything I learned, which I thought was a great idea, so I wrote the book I wished I'd had when I was deciding on surgery and going through my recovery.

After many months of editing and feedback from readers, "Bunion Survivor's Guide to Successful Bunion Surgery and Recovery" is now available for immediate download. You can read the table of contents below.

Here's What Satisfied Readers are saying:

"I have found the ebook very helpful. I actually had bunion surgery about 12 years ago and it was a nightmare...I was looking to gather as much information as I could about having them both done at the same time, which scares me silly." Marisa H.

"Thanks for your ebook. It has helped me with my decision. I am hoping for a quick recovery time. It looks like its too late to back out now. I will keep reading your blog for more inspiration. Thanks again." Ken

"I was so happy to find your ebook! Thanks! Just some background, I am 35 years old, mom of an 8 year old and 6 year old...I feel like a walking poster child for taking care of your feet! You never know how important they are until there is a problem!" Kristin B.

"I accidentally came across your web site and I am so glad I did. My surgery is coming up in one week. I'm very scared and nervous but it's long overdue."
Taylor C.

"Hi Mary. The ebook has been most helpful. Thank you. My surgery is July 14th - left foot. I feel more assured that I am doing the right thing and welcome the relief that (hopefully) surgery will give me. Take care."
Yvonne C.

Here's Just SOME of the Important Information You Will Find Inside the Ebook
"Bunion Survivor's Guide to Successful Bunion Surgery and Recovery"

  • Chapter 1: Research, Myths and Facts about Bunions and Famous Bunion Survivors (p. 15-30)

  • Chapter 2: What to Ask Before You Have Bunion Surgery (p. 30-46)

  • Chapter 3: How to Decide on the Right Bunion Surgeon for You (p. 47-62)

  • Chapter 4: How to Manage the Fear of Bunion Surgery (p. 63-74)

  • Chapter 5: Make Your Bunion Surgery and Recovery Easy – Checklist of Things to Do Ahead of Time and After to Keep You Stress-Free, Relaxed, and Comfortable (p. 75-80) This checklist alone is worth the price of your first doctor’s appointment.

  • Chapter 6: What to Expect with Bunion Surgery (p. 81-88)

  • Chapter 7: Bunion Surgery Recovery 3 Days to 4 Weeks After (p. 89-106)

  • Chapter 8: Bunion Surgery Recovery 30 Days – 6 Months (p. 107-116)

  • Chapter 9: Successful Long Term Recovery – 6-48 Months Post Bunion Surgery (p. 117-122)

  • Chapter 10: Toe and Foot Exercises (p. 123-132)

  • Chapter 11: Shoes – Brands and Styles for Bunion Relief (p. 133-144)

  • Chapter 12: Bunion Treatment & Recovery Resources (p. 145-158)

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  • 160 page ebook, "Bunion Survivor's Guide to Successful Bunion Surgery & Recovery" that includes the Weekly and Monthly Planning Checklist for steps to take before and after your surgery to keep you stress-free, relaxed, and comfortable. (This checklist alone is worth the price of your first doctor’s appointment.)
  • 25 Critical Questions to Ask Your Podiatrist or Orthopedic Surgeon Before You Schedule Bunion Surgery
  • Top 5 Actions to Take Before You Even Think About Bunion Surgery
  • 10 Powerful Tips for a Successful  First Meeting with Your Bunion Doctor

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I am so sure that by reading The Bunion Survivor's Guide to Successful Bunion Surgery & Recovery that you will find more peace of mind in your decision about whether or not to have bunion surgery and know the questions to ask your potential bunion surgeon to get the information you need that I am offering a full money-back guarantee. If you don't find this ebook helpful, just let me know by email within 30 days and I'll refund the full purchase price.

Thank you for taking care of yourself,

Mary Marcdante
Author, BunionSurvivor.com

P.S. Don't make the same mistake I did and keep putting off taking care of your feet and your health. For less than the price of your insurance co-pay for a doctor visit, you can make sure your appointments, surgery, and recovery are a success and get the information, reassurance and support you need and deserve.

Bunion eBook, Checklists and All Special Reports:

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